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About Us

About Us

To help raise money for Moorfields Charities Alan Kasmir, Nigel Moffett and Trevor Mitchell have partnered with Moorfields Charities by creating the brand of Moorfies and selling a range of eyeglass holders.

They are fun, funky, and functional and of course a natural fit for a hospital specialising in eye care.

Whilst they are fun they have a practical side to them too....those who are forgetful will never lose their glasses again and those with sight problems will also be able to put their glasses on an eyeglass holder

For kids, we say....choose your favourite animal and give them a name. You put the animal by your bedside table and the animal wears your glasses at night and you wear them during the day and you share them so they don't get scratched or lost or damaged.

Every Moorfie you buy through this website a percentage goes to Moorfields eye charity.




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Corona Virus

A donation from every order

goes to Moorefields Eye Hospital Charity

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